About Me

         It's a bird. It's a plane. Nope, that's just Chef Elias Kushner. Cooking for 23 professional years, with experience at luxury hotels in the Catskills, Michelin star restaurant in Manhattan, to a private fishing lodge in Patagonia, Chile. With all this experience Elias has chosen to stick to a simple and clean philosophy of food and how he cooks for his guests. As of recent he started a food and recipe discussion platform on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube called,

Talk Food with Chef Elias.

It has given him an opportunity to stay motivated and creative during these uncertain times. Which is why he is constantly inviting everyone across the world to join in and converse, ask questions, and learn something new.

         Elias's culinary journey has taken him all over the world and not only did it help create so many amazing experiences, but also help broaden his knowledge of foods from countries far and wide. He spent several summers

chef win pic

working as a sous chef in Patagonia, Chile. Surrounded by nature's beauty, natural wonders, and isolation, his creative juices were flowing. In turn, he learned so much about himself during this time of limitations and abilities. His love and passion for the craft of cooking and serving food to others was being tested in a foreign place, and he like a freshly grown seedling, flourished.

         For the past five years he has lived in Cortland, NY, and currently working at Cornell University. Leaving NYC's concrete jungle and driving 4 hours up north, Elias was greeted by vast farmlands that brought him a sense of relief. Cortland embraced him quickly and introduced him to some great friends who actually own and operate an organic vegetable farm. Naturally, this was a drastic change from living in busy Manhattan and working 70 hours a week, which is why he left in the first place, but it seemed to all be falling into place. As a chef in central NY, he's able to feel more recognized and respected than he did in the big city. His friends and family have encouraged him so much along the way, and in doing so it's really helped to build up his confidence and drive to succeed in this ever-growing industry.

         In July of 2017, Elias was involved in a car accident where he sustained neck, jaw, and concussion injuries, that he still deals with today. It's truly given him a different perspective, one he's never known before, one of traumatic injury. After 2 years of pain management and dozens of therapies, he opted for neck surgery. It helped a little bit, but he's still not at his best each day. This was big for Elias because amongst other things, Elias has always been focusing on his bodybuilding. On any given day if you call him up either he's in the kitchen or at the gym. But as circumstances are he's making it all happen the best he can. He's fortunate enough to keep busy and productive with his band, The Local Farmers Union, (which you can find on streaming platforms) and his bodybuilding training. Though it has not been easy he reminds himself everyday of how grateful he is to have his health, even in the state it is in, and be able to share his cooking with the world.

         In the end, after all is said and done, Elias hopes to one day open a small restaurant of his own and be able to make people happy with his food and energy. "Talk Food with Chef Elias" is just that in a virtual sense. It's a place where he can curate his own cooking show and education techniques, which is a huge passion of his. Teaching helps create new ideas,

and food is his subject. This is a place where he can come in to talk to you about food and the awareness of food in your life and the world around us. With Elias's strong will, he plans to build a name for himself in the food world and create positive energy. He aims to continue creating recipes and content for the foreseeable future. With the power of food in his heart, consistency, attention to detail, and a strong community of support he will not falter.