• Elias Kushner

Accentuating the Onion

As we all know, Onions, are in almost everything we eat. We put them in our soups, stocks, sauces, salads, sandwiches, and they can even be pickled. In all of my time I've been in the kitchen, I've probably cut almost 1,000 lbs of onions. Over that time of cooking and cutting, I picked up several tips on how to retain the color of the onion and ensure an even cooking process. It may take a few extra seconds to your preparation but over-all it will really heighten the dish your gearing up to cook.

Before we start, always make sure you have a clean surface to work with.

Grab your Red Onion and a sharp knife. Remove both the top and the root ends of the onion.

Now that the Onion is safe and flat on your work surface, cut it in half.

Remove the skin and any undesired layers and compost them (please!). With both hands, carefully separate the leaves of the onion into single or double layers. That's right, the different layers of the Onions are actually referred to as "leaves."

Flip the onion layer upside down so that the round side is on the board. For this method, I like to cut thick ribbons or thick slices.

From this point you can cut the onions more accurately and uniform. Once you have cut your desired shapes then separate them on your board or into a bowl.

By taking this extra step, not only will the Onion cook more evenly but it will retain its color better. You also won't deal with onion slices being stuck together and not cooking throughly. This may not be the typical way to prepare your onions but it's a great way to add color to an antipasti salads, a delicious stew or to even be thrown on the grill. If you were to caramelize the red onion slices, it would be a great garnish for a steak, a pork chop, or even your own home-made burrito. Enjoy!

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