• Elias Kushner

The Story Behind Orgasm Soup

When I was younger, only a couple years out of culinary school. I started a small catering company called Party Animal Catering. It was mostly me just cooking for friends of my family, relatives, and few other random gigs. They were all kind enough to give me the opportunity to practice my trade. Or they just knew I needed the money. So therefore I came into the new world of cooking, now as a fresh graduate. I wanted to show everyone that I could throw down.

My friend King Randy's mother was having a 45th birthday party. And she wanted me to cater the event. So I agreed and started to plan the menu and the logistics. I decided to make a few different types of cold salads, hot and cold sandwiches, and two different types of soup. A roasted wild mushroom and garlic soup and a roasted butternut and sweet potato soup. Both vegetarian as well.

The day of the party came and I had everything ready and set to go. The party was being held at the community pool at her condo complex. Classy! There was a little kitchen that I was able to work out of in the club house, so I set up shop in there. A couple hours goes by and everyone is enjoying themselves while eating and drinking, laughing, swimming, and chatting it up with old friends. All is well on my end. So I go back into the clubhouse to tidy up a little bit.

Since King Randy's mother was a close friend of my mother and father. Both of parents were invited and the whole time they were constantly checking in with me. Making sure that I was good. Of course I was good, I got this! My father and I were talking in the kitchen minding our own business, when an old woman came in. The woman was a guest at the party and was probably around 75 or so. She began to tell me about how much she enjoyed my soups. So naturally I was happy to hear that she liked my soups. But then she took it a step further and said, "you know I tried one of your soups and it almost gave me an orgasm." I looked at my dad, he looked back at me, I bit my lip and said, "thank you ma'am." This automatically made me want to laugh hysterically in front of her but I had to keep my composure.

In the end I got a good laugh out of this awkward situation. Plus, I got paid too so it all worked out. The 75 year old woman ended up getting my phone number through the grapevine of Jewish mothers and grandmothers. She called me up and requested two more quarts of the roasted butternut and sweet potato soup. I guess she needed the last bit to finish off with a happy ending. It made me feel very satisfying that someone wanted to pay me for my cooking. That was an early glimpse of how I got started in the industry of satisfying others with my simple approach to cooking.

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